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Feeling left out of the AI revolution?

FounderShare is here to help you navigate the world of AI with ease and confidence.

Join our vibrant community of businesswomen just like you who are transforming their ​businesses through cutting-edge technology.

What You'll Get

Group Sessions

Each month, we cover a ​specific AI tool and show you ​how you can put it to work ​today in your business.

Expert Insights

Gain access to ​exclusive content from ​AI experts tailored to ​your business needs.

Office Hours

Get your questions ​answered in our open ​Zoom/G-Meet calls.

Why Join FounderShare?


Feel Supported

You're not alone. Connect with like-minded women who share your ​challenges and ambitions. Share insights, collaborate, and grow together.

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Save Time

Learn to use AI tools that let you cheat time. More profits, less time. ​Sound good?

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Boost Your Confidence

You’ve got this. Gain the knowledge and skills to successfully lead your ​business in this technology boom.

Don't let technology overwhelm you. Join FounderShare and transform your business with the ​power of AI. Connect, learn, and grow with a community that understands you.

Key Features

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Get tailored advice and ​solutions for your unique ​business needs.



Application Focus

Learn how to use available ​tools through our webinars, ​workshops, and resources.

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No single person can stay on ​top of what’s happening in AI. ​It’s going to take all of us.

Why Choose FounderShare?

At FounderShare, we understand the challenges you face.

We're here to guide you from AI confusion to clarity, helping you grow your business.

Ideal for Businesswomen Who

  • Are curious about technology and eager to learn.
  • Want to leverage AI but don’t know where to ​start.
  • Are using AI but not sure what to do next.

Our Commitment

We're passionate about helping businesswomen like ​you harness AI to reclaim time and energy.

Jo​in the Waitlist

Be Part of the First Community dedicated ​to businesswomen and AI.

  • Exclusive Access: Get early access to our ​courses and community events.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from AI experts and ​experienced businesswomen.
  • Collaborative Network: Connect with a ​supportive network of like-minded women.

Who are we?

We believe that by uniting small business owners, working together in support of one another, we can ​build incredibly powerful tools that help us each become way more efficient (save time) and create ​businesses that are built to last (sustainably profitable).

Tammy - Small business super-fan with a BA in Computer Science. She has been at the intersection of ​technology and small business strategy for 20 years. She has focused mainly helping businesses grow ​revenue. She loves connecting with and inspiring awesome women, and she likes tackling complex ​problems like: how do we get our businesses where we want to take them faster and easier?

Nick - Yes, he’s a man. Men are great! They will absolutely be helpful to us on this quest. This guy in ​particular. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, lives in Germany and loves tech. What he loves most ​about it is that it eliminates inefficiencies and gets people their time back to do what they love, be it ​their private hobbies or creative work for the sake of their business.

Want to learn more about us? We want to learn more about you, too!

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