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Tammy - Small business super-fan with a BA in Computer Science. She has been at the intersection of technology and small business strategy for 20 years. She has focused mainly helping businesses grow revenue. She loves connecting with and inspiring awesome women, and she likes tackling complex problems like: How do we close the gender gap in profitability in small businesses? She is looking forward to getting to know you.

Nick - Yes, he’s a man. Men are great! They will absolutely be helpful to us on this quest. This guy in particular. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, lives in Germany and loves tech. What he loves most about it is that it eliminates inefficiencies and gets people their time back to do what they love, be it their private hobbies or creative work for the sake of their business.

We both love technology and understand how AI works. We believe that by uniting small business owners, working together in support of one another, we can build incredibly powerful tools that help us each become way more efficient (save time) and create businesses that are built to last (sustainably profitable). We may shatter some ceilings on the way. Want to learn more about us? We want to learn more about you, too!

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